Fallondrin Fights Cancer (FFC)

Our power movement and initiative Fallondrin Fights Cancer (FFC) is our way of spreading love & showing support to people who fights cancer with your help.  

For every 10th product we sell from our shop we send out one art piece to someone who is fighting cancer. For every original painting we sell we send out one art piece. An art piece includes any of our Fallondrin art creations and jewelry designs.



Kimberley's mom Margareta was sick for more than 20 years until she passed away 2014 - the year we founded Fallondrin. This is her without a nose, same year as she passed. FFC is a dedication to her long fight in cancer.


Kimberley also lost her grandmother and other family members to cancer. She was very lonely being the only child growing up with a sick, single parent. Her experience and meeting people who is fighting cancer inspired us to start FFC. Not everyone has the support that they need or deserve. 

We believe that we can spread more love together. Our hope with FFC is to make people feel less alone in this sickness showing a warm support, sending positive energy and strength this way has a big impact on someone’s life. It is the reaction and feedback from the people in this FFC movement that inspires to do more, to create more and to share our creations with them. Our future goal is to donate money to alternative cancer research and do workshops for children sick in cancer.